The Purpose of This Blog

Hi, there! If you’re reading and/or following this post and/or blog, then welcome!

I won’t waste your time telling you all about me. You can find that in about me section. Instead I’ll just tell you what this blog will be about.

As you can guess from the name of this blog, it’ll be about my secret life as a wannabe writer. In this blog I’ll be posting and discussing about the following only:

01) The books I have read/am reading/may read:

That’s right! I won’t be posting my review of them or criticism. (I have a Goodreads account whose link I’ll disclose to you only if you like this blog and follow me.) Merely everything that happened around reading those books. For example: right now, for academic purpose, I’m reading Robinson Crusoe. I’ll be posting here about how much I’ve read, what my thoughts were at the moment, if they triggered something in me, if something mentionable happened while I was reading it etc etc.

I’ll also post about the books I’ve read before and everything related to it.

I decided to do this because I don’t trust phone reminders and I’m very lazy. As a wannabe writer, it’s my job to read as much as I can. Great authors did. Stephen King’s quote (“If you don’t have time to read, you don’t have the time or the tools to write. Simple as that.”) still stings. I want to be a great author like him or near him. And to do that I MUST read a lot occasionally or read at least daily.

I’m not an avid reader. I barely read ten books a year. But, I’m a voracious one. By voracious I mean famished. When I’ve started reading a book and liked it, there’s no stopping me. It happened when I began to read Hunger Games and Catching Fire. I read them in four days in total. So if I keep reading at least a page per day, it’ll help me be the writer I aspire to be.

02) My Writing Life: 

Let me confess something. No one in my family, except for my sister, knows that I’m a wannabe writer. My parents still think I should be a teacher or reporter of some kind when I graduate.

And this double life is very exhausting. I don’t have a therapist to confide into. My sister has her own burning dream to become a fashion designer to spare me time for that. For that reason, I need this blog.

I’ll be posting about everything I will learn and have learnt about the life of a wannabe writer like me. Every tricks and tips, every mistake, every interaction. Every freaking thing.

03) My Poems:

Yes, yes, I’m a poet too. But I’m not a wannabe poet. I know my poems suck. And most of them are merely inspired from the times I’m hurt by something or someone so they’re quite dark (no erotic materials, I promise!). My friends praise them but I need to store them somewhere. And what’s the best storage than internet?! Besides, who knows, maybe someone may like them (Dream on!!!)

04) Miscellaneous:

Other writing related jibbery jabbery. Like my impression of a writer or my worries or my doubts about my writing. Or writer’s block (Gosh! I get that a LOT!!!!)

Hopefully someone will like my posts and follow my blog (Again! Dream on!!) and connect with me. Living the secret life of a wannabe writer ain’t easy. If you also are one and happened to stumble across my posts and happened to like any of it, come on in. We may chat over a bottle of coke (I don’t drink tea, coffee or alcohol. Alcohol is prohibited in my religion which is Islam.)

Thanks for stopping by!


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