Wuthering Heights: What’s Wrong With It?

Last night, despite having exams a day to go, I decided to watch a new movie online. So I plugged in the earphones and looked for “Jane Eyre”, since it’ll be on my next exams. Thought might as well watch it beforehand. But alas! No find.

So I switched to the other famous Bronte sister, Emily. She had tons of film adaptation but the old ones weren’t available and the Tom Hardy starrer one was a series, not a movie. So I looked for the 2011 film adaptation, starring Kaya Scodelario.

The film started weirdly and was totally weird, what with Cathy licking Heathcliff’s wounds after he was whipped and the brutality on the animals. But then they were all justified to me.


Because Wuthering Height itself is weird. Falling in love with your foster sister, people dying more frequently than flies and what not.

Then what was it about Wuthering Heights that made it “the most passionate love story” ever?

Easy. Star crossed lovers with tragic ending and love triangle.

And a brooding Byronic hero. Who among us don’t love all that?

We may call them clichés and stereotypes and all that. But at the end if the day, clichés exist and exist with notoriety.

Now let’s look at why we love and hate Wuthering Heights.

01) Star Crossed Lovers:

Biggest cliché in love stories ever since Romeo and Juliet. Maybe before that, since Romeo and Juliet was inspired by famous Babylonian story of Pyramus and Thisbe. Anyway, there’s a reason why we still love star crossed love stories.

Because we wanna be there too. I’ve seen how some of my “not single” friends enjoy the secrecy of their boyfriends. But when the veil is gone, no more fun!

Humans are prone to get bored easily. And no matter how introverted or homely we are, we love adrenaline. And star crossed love gives you that. So even after so many centuries of its invention, it’s still breathing like cockroaches.

02) Love Triangle:

Katniss and Bella are hated the most especially when this comes. Love triangle.

But again at the end of the day, we love being the center of attention. Even it is by hairy werewolves who carry shorts with them and sparkly vampires who are vegetarian despite never eating vegetables.

Humans love to be the center of attention. Mostly by their loved ones. We hate it when our loved ones have other priorities than us. We hate the text messages that tell us “Don’t disturb. I’m busy.” We love attention. Always have and always did. And we love suspense. Pick him? Or him? Pick her? Or her? No wonder there’s Team Edward and Team Jacob.

03) Byronic Hero:

Dunno why but girls love brooding Alpha males with tainted, tortured souls and dominant nature. Originating from the broodest of them all, Lord Byron. Girls would love to be the love of their lives.

Not me, of course. I want a Marshall Erickson type guy. Or Augustus Waters type. Even Mr Darcy will do.

But why do girls love them?

Because those guys’ hearts have been unachievable. They have either slept with many girls and broken their hearts or remain virgin for 110 years like Edward Cullen.

Again human nature comes here. To be the first.

We may not have had the perfect first kiss, or first love. But that doesn’t stop us from wondering what it could have been. First of something is always special. Byronic heroes seem to have never been in love and their hearts are unachievable. So girls wanna swoon over them thinking “What if I could be his first love?”

Another human nature comes here. Eternity. We ain’t immortals. So we try to do everything we can to remain immortal somewhere. Be that in becoming famous worldwide or making an unachievable heart fall for you hard. Nothing better than that, eh?

04) Forbidden Love:

Come on. Admit it. Forbidden fruits are always attractive. Even if the forbidden fruit is a bearded hydra with hairy body and smells like rotten eggs.

That’s the reason why Adam and Eve were thrown out of Eden in the first place.

Forbidden fruit.

Cathy was Heathcliff’s foster sister. And sisters aren’t romanticized with. Lord Byron too fell hard for his half sister. Forbidden love to us is so irresistible that we can’t but fall hard for it. Cathy was unachievable to Heathcliff. Which is why he always hanker after her. Imagine what would have happened if Cathy dumped Edgar and ran away with Heathcliff instead of Isabella in her place?

Heathcliff totally would have lost his attraction toward her.

So as you can see, it’s human nature always. We love all these clichés because they’re somehow related to our primal nature. We love undivided attention on us, we love adrenaline, we love forbidden fruit. We love to achieve unachievable hearts.

Simple as that. This is the reason why despite utter backlash on Twilight and Fifty Shades, we can’t help falling hard for these novels.

Hope the post was readworthy. For now, adios!


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