PitchWars and The Pain of Pitching

So this year, I’ll be participating in PitchWars, established by brilliantly benevolent, Brenda Drake. It’s been going on for quite a few years, earning rave reviews and attention from both unagented, unpublished writers like me as well as agents. 

The reason I so desperately want to get selected by a mentor is that this way, I’ll get to have my manuscript read, critiqued and polished by a more experienced, agented and published author. Not being from North America, Australia or Europe, I’m at a huge disadvantage here to get an American agent notice and approach me for representation. 

But in PitchWars, I must write a pitch for my almost 72k novel into a paragraph of 250 words. 

Soooooooooo tough!!

But I gotta do it. And compared to the agent round, where I gotta write a 50 word pitch, this is a piece of cake. 

Seriously though. They say that pitches must have the MCs, the convicts, and the stakes. And though it’s easy for others to write up a pitch which includes all that, it isn’t for me. 

My novel has two equally important plots parallel to each other.

01) Ned and Summer’s love story.

02) Ned and Summer’s family troubles.

And sometimes I also think that my novels doesn’t have ebough oomph and stakes. 

Last month I finished penning the first draft. I’ve totally given myself this month to cool off the manuscript and distance myself away from it, to start afresh with its editing and revising. Next month, right after my finals end, I’ll revise and edit it, then submit it to the beta readers. When they’ll be done tearing it apart and rubbing it to semi perfection, I’ll edit and revise it again and again. Until the submission period on August 3rd comes.

Hopefully everything will go as plan.

Fingers crossed!

But for now, ciao! 


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