PitchWars Mentee Bio

Hi, there! As a PitchWars 2016 hopeful, this is my mentee bio. Unlike others, I may not use a lot of gifs and may sound very serious and/or corny and not very fun. But everything in this post about me is honestly me. I’m hoping there may be one mentor, just one, who’ll pick me for not just for my manuscript but also for me. First off, I’ll tell you about me, then why you should pick me, last but not least, about my PitchWars manuscript.

I’m pitching for YA by the way. Here is the link to the blog hop post, Here is the link to what PitchWars is and Here is the link to the amazing list of all the fabulous mentors this year. My twitter handle: @modestmaria1

Now without further ado let’s talk…

About ME!!!

01) Where I’m From:

This I feel I must include first.

Because I’m not American. I’m not even British or Australian or European or Canadian.

I’m from Bangladesh.

Those who know little about my country, it’s nestled in between India and Myanmar. I’m from its capital city, Dhaka and I’m an English literature student from Dhaka University. So English is NOT my first language. It’s not even my second language. It’s mostly considered a foreign language here, though a lot of people are getting more and more fluent in it day by day.

The reason why I’m writing in English because I’m studying its literature and I love it! I love my mother tongue but I feel comfortable writing in English.

02) I’m an Introvert, Shy Gemini and INFJ:


Just a few days ago I celebrated my 20th birthday, though not grandly because I hate parties.

I’m not going to describe here how I am as an introvert. But these pics will…

As an introvert, I’m like this…

Also these…


Whenever the guests come…


Problems I face as an introvert…


Reality after a hard day’s work…


My thought process…


The nightmares I face while awake…


I do this before any interview…

As an INFJ...






These basically sum me up as both an introvert and as an INFJ.

03) I’m a Diehard Fan of The Beatles:

Yup! If you hate them, I seriously hate you. You don’t have to like them. Just don’t hate them.



Also quite weird…


Okay, not quite, very very weird…


But they also loved each other…


Like this…

To me they weren’t just a band of musicians, but musical geniuses who were also blood brothers…like Damon and Pythias…


They also loved their fans…

Aren’t they awesome!!! 😍😍😍

Another reason why I’m mentioning about them here is because my PitchWars manuscript has them all over, not too much though. Mostly because a) it was set in 1973 in UK and, b) I’ve used lyrics from several of their songs to express my MC’s emotions and feelings.

04) Most Important One: Writing Is Not Just My Passion:

It’s much more than that. It’s not my aim in life or income source. I’m still undecided about my daytime job after graduation and I don’t seek to be in the NY Times bestselling list.


In fact, this is truly me…how my life is going through quarter life crisis…
Writing is my solace. Not just from the stress and anxieties from day to day life.

In the past, my writing has saved me from two major heartbreaks (nothing romantic). First time when it happened was back in 2012 and that was when I began writing. Second happened last year and again my writing saved me and brought my PitchWars manuscript to reality. So to writing, I’m eternally grateful.


Yup, this is the biggest reason why I write…

05) I’m NOT An Avid Reader Though A Voracious One:

This might get you confused. Let me clarify it.

I don’t read a lot of books. And I don’t read books everyday. In Stephen King’s definition, I’m no writer.

But…(always a but)

I’m a voracious one. If I love a book from the first few pages, I’m going to devour that book until nothing is left. I go piranha famished then.


I’m also this…


Another reason why I love books…

07) My Favorite Books:

I don’t have a favorite genre. I’m an omnivorous reader too. From adult to MG, I read it almost everything (except for erotica, spiritual and religion books). But these are my favorite books:

Twilight Series (from my adolescence crush on Twilight and Robsten which are totally gone now)

Hunger Games Series

The Fault in Our Stars

Looking For Alaska

Eleanor and Park

Pride and Prejudice

Jane Eyre

Little Women


My Cousin Rachel

Love Story


Harry Potter Series

Beautiful Creatures Series

The Time Traveler’s Wife

My Favorite Authors:
Jane Austen
John Green
Rainbow Rowell
Suzanne Collins
Stephenie Meyer

09) My Favorite TV Shows:

Masterchef Australia


Downton Abbey

How I Met Your Mother

The Mentalist

Now comes….

Why You Should Pick Me:

01) When it comes to my writing, I’m eager to learn:

It was through writing that I learnt and through writing I’ll learn to grow. I’ve taken no writing lesson or workshop. Only writing blogs and vlogs. Whenever I look back at my earlier manuscripts (two in number), I get dumbstruck by how awful my writing was back then and how much I’ve grown.

02) I Can Handle Criticism:

I perceive my manuscripts as my babies. I love them to death. But I’m not blind. I know they’ve got a lot of flaws that need to be tended. The way you nurse and nurture a newborn to adulthood, I’ll do the same. I’ll take in criticism positively and process them in my mind. I’ll ask for explanations from my critique partners and will continue asking them till I’m satisfied. I’ll do whatever it’ll take to polish my manuscript. I’m not afraid of criticisms. After all,


Duh! Aladdin’s life changed when he rubbed (though accidentally) the magic lamp.



03) I’d Be Katniss Everdeen to my Mentor Haymitch Abernathy:


Haymitch was one of the many reasons why Katniss won the 74th Hunger Games. Without his instructions, she might’ve shown the Careers her shooting skills and they might’ve found out how to defeat her. Because of Haymitch, Katniss survived the games several times, in the first two books. Haymitch was rude and mean and drunk. But as a mentor, he was perfect for Katniss.

They both were rude and impolite, grumpy and surly. They both had the same backgrounds, same tragedies, same goals. In fact, Katniss is the young, female version of Haymitch. She could’ve been his biological daughter.

I want a mentor-mentee relationship like that. And like the way Katniss obeyed Haymitch, I’d take in all the advice my mentor would give me (if I get chosen) and use them to polish my manuscript.

But unlike how they fell apart in the last book’s resolution, I want to maintain a lifelong relationship with my mentor. Like the way Harry kept with Hagrid.

These are the reasons why you should pick me for PitchWars.

Now about my manuscript:

01) A NINE DAYS’ WONDER, my YA realistic historical manuscript is set in UK, on July-August, 1973. But not a fantasy.

02) It’s mostly about family bond and its importance in life. But it has other elements too like self understanding and first love, summer love.

03) It’s from the MMC’s POV and he’s 17 years old, dyslexic, loves photography and bit of a clean freak. He has a good memory but because of his dyslexia he fails at school and is often bullied.

04) The FMC’s a white hippie girl, 17, loves exotic words, keeps a scrapbook full of vintage posters, an American living in London with her colored biological mother and sister.

05) My manuscript features a lot of characteristics of the ’70s. Like bell bottom pants, hippie subculture, cannabis food and the Beatles. But no graphic intimate scene. Just a little making out.

06) It’s set in just nine days and so I’ve divided the chapters as rather days like chapter 01 is Day 01 and chapter 02 as Day 02 etc.

07) Basically, it has some elements from The Parent Trap when it comes to character goals and external conflicts, but not a lot.

08) I got the inspiration of the plot and characters from James Blunt’s song “1973”. My favorite…💕💕💕

09) I‘ve made its cover…though if it ever gets published, it may not have this cover…


So that’s all, folks! Thanks a bunch for reading my bio. Hopefully I’ll get picked…fingers crossed!


14 thoughts on “PitchWars Mentee Bio

    • Unfortunately I haven’t…I’m almost like Cath from Fangirl…
      But I love love love Beatles…glad to have found someone like me..
      Hopefully we’ll both get picked in PitchWars… Best of luck, 👍👍


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