My Newest Budding Obsession: Rhaegar Targaryen & Lyanna Stark

Okay, so before I start, I should mention that I’m not your typical diehard fan of Game of Thrones. In fact, up until this year, I had no interest whatsoever in both reading the books and watching the HBO series. Then what changed?
The fact that two of the most important yet not-showed-in-the-TV-series characters, Rhaegar Targaryen & Lyanna Stark’s story just moved me.

In the beginning, before the premiere of season 6, a lot of my classmates were excited about this book & series. Hell, one of them even did a slideshow presentation on this! When I read about Rhaegar & Lyanna then, I found that Rhaegar was this guy who kidnapped Lyanna & raped her. Then she mysteriously died & Rhaegar was killed on battlefield by Lyanna’s fiancé, Robert Baratheon. At that time, I was like, “Yeah! Take that, you rapist!” I have the most hatred for rapist than for murderers and cannibals. Dunno why but I do.

Anyway, I lost my interest in their story and a year went by. Then season 6 premiered and again my classmates went squealing and gushing about it. When the season finale was telecast, they even gave Facebook status about how awesome it was. So did a few more people on Twitter. And I went rolling my eyes and going “Ugh! Stop it already!”

Then a few days ago, on my newsfeed came a PopSugar post about Lyanna Stark & Rhaegar Targaryen being Jon Snow’s parents. So I searched about that story and the post said that maybe, maybe Rhaegar wasn’t a rapist rather an adulterous man who cheated on his wife from a loveless marriage with the woman he loved.

Okay, that got my attention. I Googled about both of them, sometimes together, sometimes separately. It was in Quora that I found a lot of stuff.

A lot of people argued and showed strong yet ambiguous points that Rhaegar wasn’t a rapist. That Lyanna and Rhaegar were simply in love and two runaway star crossed lovers. 

That got more of my attention and so began my obsession. I read and read and read (not the books but the posts in Quora) and the more I read, the more my obsession grew. Now it has gone so huge (but not as huge as my obsession with Robsten used to be) that I’ve got a separate folder in my phone with animated pictures of romance between Rhaegar & Lyanna. 


I’m also doubtful. It has now been a lot clearer that Lyanna wasn’t kidnapped and raped. She was a very fierce woman who knew all types of fighting skills there is. If Rhaegar did kidnap Lyanna, then she’d have found a way to injure and/or kill him. But no, there wasn’t. So it’s clear that she was in love with him.

But was he? That’s my worry.

You see, Rhaegar was crazy obsessed with prophesies and according to one, he’s supposed to father three kids. And his wife, Elia gave birth to two and was already sickly by it. So no more babies from her. And he can’t just sleep around with women (women would’ve jumped at the prospect of it, not out of shock but out of joy, for Rhaegar was the most perfect man there was!) because bastard children have no right. And since Targaryens used to be a polygamous and incestuous race, Rhaegar needed another wife to conceive his third child and fulfill the prophecy. Jeez, dude! Prophecies are stupid! You, of all people should’ve known that! You read soooo many books!

Anyway, so he found Lyanna and maybe inticed her into marrying him and eloping with him. Though Lyanna was betrothed to Robert at the time, she wasn’t super excited about it as Robert was. Mostly because he was a pervert playboy who must have some bastard children elsewhere.

Plus, Rhaegar was super handsome so she got melted. What’s worrying me is that they may not be just some tragic, star crossed lovers like I want them to be. But hearing about George R.R. Martin’s reputation in twisting his tales from the obvious, that may not be the case.

So my worrying notion about what may have happened with Rhaegar & Lyanna was this:

Rhaegar was crazy obsessed with the prophecy.

He needed his third kid.

But third pregnancy would kill his wife.

The Targaryens practised polygamy and incest before.

Lyanna was a courageous, stubborn, highborn girl.

She wasn’t too keen about her upcoming marriage with Robert.

She could’ve been the Knight of the Laughing Trees.

She was touched by Rhaegar’s song.

Thus, Rhaegar liked her for his second marriage.

He rewarded her with the blue winter rose circlet as the Queen of Love & Beauty so that she could start liking him.

Lyanna got a major crush on saintlike Rhaegar, given his diametrically opposite reputation to his father’s.

They got married secretly & eloped.

She got pregnant with Rhaegar’s child.

All his dreams were coming true until Brandon & Rickard Stark died.

Hearing this, Lyanna wanted to go back and stop the impending war.

But she was too pregnant plus that may risk miscarriage.

So Rhaegar captivated her in the Tower of Joy.

He didn’t care what would happen by the war. Worse comes worse, his father would get overthrown and/or killed which he always wanted. Bonus!!!

But then he heard about the war getting out of hand and people might be uprooting the whole Targaryen dynasty.

So he went to the war to protect his first wife & her two kids. 

But left his Kingsguard so that not only they protect Lyanna and her kid but also to make sure Lyanna can’t get out.

Then he got killed.

According to Daenerys’ vision, he whispered inaudibly some woman’s name. Maybe it was Elia. He finally realized her true worth and felt remorse and his eternally true love for her and what a big mess he created and how he never valued her love for him.

The end!

Not the end of this post. This theory paints Rhaegar as the bad guy but hey! His father was Aerys, the mad king and his younger brothhope as Viserys. But then again, his sister was a kind soul like Daenerys. So knowing that George R.R. Martin loves painting grey characters, Rhaegar could’ve been a kind saint before the prophecy and then became a monster after the prophecy. It could happen. Obsession is a bad thing! It can turn a saint into a demon. You must be going like, “Look who’s talking!”

Also, if that’s the case, then poor Lyanna! No one ever truly loved her. Rhaegar only used her for fulfilling the prophecy and Robert only loved her outer beauty. Other than her three brothers, no one ever loved her for real. 

I’m trying both to believe and not believe in this negative theory, 01) to uproot my budding obsession and 02) to firmly build my obsession and hope the best for poor Lyanna. It also explains why neither Lyanna nor Rhaegar went back to stop the war. Lyanna couldn’t and wasn’t allowed. Rhaegar didn’t want to since it was helping him overthrow his mad of a father. 

Let’s hope that’ll not be the case, that all will end well. Both for the Game of Thrones fans and for me.

That’s it for today! Ciao!


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