​The Jungle Book and its Plot Structure Part 02: Using Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Structure

In the last post  I’d divided the Jungle Book (2016) into three act story structure. If you don’t use that and instead use Michael Hauge’s Six Stage Structure, here it is. 

​In the Six Stage Structure, the stages can be easily fit into the three act as well. The six stages are:

Stage 01: The Inciting Incident (0%-15%) where something occurs and interrupts the normal life of the protagonist. In Mowgli’s case, arrival of Shere Khan and his threat. 

Stage 02: The First Plot Point (15%-25%) where the protagonist undertakes a journey towards his new life. In Mowgli’s case, it’d be deciding to leave the wolves’ pack and heading towards the human’s village. 

Stage 03: The Midpoint (25%-50%) where the protagonist meets several obstacles and gets to the midpoint reversal, where, according to James Scott Bell  the protagonists look into themselves and find out who they truly are. In Mowgli’s case, it starts with getting attacked by Shere Khan to the part where he gets to use his “human” tricks to both help Baloo store honey for winter and rescue from an elephant cub from a pit. Unknowingly, he has reached his potential as a human cub. 

Stage 04: The Dark Night of the Soul (50%-75%) where the protagonist’s initial plan fails, according to amazing Tomi Adeyemi, and he must plan something new to defeat the antagonist, since all else is failing. In Mowgli’s case, that’d be the part where he was kidnapped by the Bandar Log and King Louie reveals to him that Akela was killed by Shere Khan because of Mowgli. Mowgli realizes that even if he does go to the human’s village, the wolves won’t be safe. So this plan won’t work and he must work out something. But he hasn’t any fur, claw, teeth to defeat Shere Khan, as he points out later. So Mowgli plans to defeat him through fire, known as the red flower. But that also doesn’t work for he has accidentally and unknowingly set part of the jungle on fire and has lost his allies who fear seeing him with fire, thus fear and distrusts him. He is left all alone to face Shere Khan.

Stage 05: The Climax (75%-99%) where the protagonist faces off the antagonist and battle begins. In case of Mowgli, like a true human, he sets a trap to defeat Shere Khan. The foolish tiger meets his death and Mowgli, with the help of the elephants and his tricks, puts off the fire and saves the jungle from both the tyrannical tiger and the fire, earning trust from and his place among the animals. 

Stage 06: The Resolution (99%- 100%) where the protagonist has met his goal and saved the day. He lives happily with his allies and his newfound abilities. In case of Mowgli, that’d be living with the wolves, Bagheera and Baloo and in peace. 

When it comes to understanding how the three act structure and the six stage structure work parallel to each other, here it is.

Act one= Stage one + stage two,

Act two= Stage three + stage four

Act three= Stage five + stage six 

Easy peesy, right?

In the next post  I’ll divide the same movie into the eight sequence structure. Thanks again for stopping by. 


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