My Review of Unravel Me (Shatter Me #2) by Tahereh Mafi


This book destroyed my heart 😭😭😭😭

So many emotions I felt while reading it. Heartbreak, anxiety, despair, agony, exhilaration, laughter, rolling my eyes and what not. This book is a freaking roller coaster of emotions and I’m in love.

Things I loved:


This girl is killing me! Her emotions are so intense and she feels so passionately everything including even joy…

Her joy from being with Adam

Her agony over learning how touch is lethal to even him

Her heartbreak over breaking up with him

Her attraction and compassion towards Warner

Her growing friendship with Kenj

Her hatred for Warner’s ruthless father

Her despair over not being able to harness her power

Gah! Too much! Luckily her voice and emotions are too raw and touching to not feel for her.


My heart breaks for him so many times into so many pieces 😭😭😭

The poor boy is so tortured, and goes through so much physical torture just to be with Juliette, it breaks my heart thinking of him 💔💔💔


This dude truly is living breathing walking paradox. One moment he’s tender and loving toward Juliette and then the next, he’s moody, brooding and mercurial more than Edward Cullen and Christian Grey. He’s too much. Though he shows a lot of raw, human side to him, I still can’t accept him and forgive him for tormenting Juliette and Adam in Shatter Me.


My crush! Seriously if he was real, I’d stalk him only to get a date with him 😍😍😍

He’s so freaking cute! Gah! He has so much tragedy in his life yet he doesn’t mope around like Juliette, torture himself physically like Adam or tortures both himself and others like Warner. Rather he keeps his pain aside to help alleviate other’s pain. I love him, I love him, I love him ❤❤❤

The Romance:

Though I hate love triangle, the one between Juliette-Warner-Adam aren’t as bad as Katniss-Peeta-Gale. It has real intensity and reason to exist. 

Juliette loves Adam

Adam loves her too

But they can’t be together because her touch kills him literally

Warner is obsessed with Juliette

But slowly his obsession dims down to passionate love

Then he begins to thaw

And now Juliette is a mess

So it’s complicated but relatable. And I’m happy that they all are multi dimensional characters.

So it’s mostly the characters and their emotions that run the mill of this book. Overall  there wasn’t as much plot as it was in the first book. But I’m happy about this book. It shows the raw human sides of the characters, and it’s very relatable and touching.

Will be diving into the novella tomorrow, 😉

My Review on Destroy Me (Shatter Me #1.5) by Tahereh Mafi


First of all, this is a novella, consisting of less than 200 pages. So it was a quick read.
Second, it’s from only Warner’s point of view, picking up immediately after Juliette shot him on his shoulder. 

But this book is important before you read the next book, Unravel Me, since it gives so much insight to not just Warner’s life but the plot and setting of the story. It not only justifies a lot of problematic actions by Warner but also gives us insight about Juliette as well, as Warner spends 2/3rd of this book poring over her battered notebook where she recorded so many things from her 264 days in the asylum.

I couldn’t give it more than four stars, due to the fact that it was too much focused on Juliette’s diary and Warner’s obsession towards her. I’d have liked more interaction between Warner and his ruthless father, Supreme Commander Anderson. Yes, this guy must be the big baddie in this series.

Anyway, the little interaction between Warner and his ruthless father was enough to get us the picture. His dad is a tyrant. A dictator who tortured his own son from age 7. 

This book also gave me insight into Warner’s human qualities. His obsession over keeping clean all the time and his vulnerability to his dad’s ruthlessness and his “love” for Juliette.

Ugh, he keeps having erotic dreams about her, it’s crazy. 

But overall, this book is a necessary read before Unravel Me, and I’m glad I read it before Unravel Me.

My Review on Shatter Me (Shatter Me #1) by Tahereh Mafi


I’ve heard a lot about this book and this series. But took a long time to pick it up. I regret not picking it up sooner because this book is brilliant! I loved it so much I devoured it in less than 13 hours! That’s a record for me.

This book is so good. I’m a fan now. Here is my dissecting review:

The beginning:

The first 10-15% of the book was rattling and not very engaging. I didn’t like the part where Juliette was spending time in the Asylum even though Adam was there. She was going miserable and almost insane with her continuous obsession over the outside world. I felt pity for her, being 17, locked up in a cell for 264 days. It’s not easy.

But then the scenario changed once Juliette met Warner.

The Characters:

Juliette Ferrars:

I loved her character, though not in the first 15% when she was locked up in the asylum. After she was brought to Warner, she began to grow onto me and showed an endearing, loving side of herself. She has a dangerous, killing power but she hates using it, unlike Warner.


He’s a cinnamon bun, that’s what he is. I was angry when I learnt he was Juliette’s cellmate just to spy on her, but later his reason and his undying love for Juliette made me love him. He’s such an adorable love interest. Unlike a lot of love interest in YA, he showed no abusive problematic behavior. That’s why I love him so much 💖💖


I hate this psycho obsessed with Juliette. I hope he burns in hell. He’s so obsessed with her, ew! He reminds me of Tamlin from ACOTAR. Hope he redeems himself in the sequel.

Kenji and James:

Two more cinnamon buns. Kenji is so mischievous, always teasing and taunting and pulling Adam and Juliette’s legs. He’s the much wanted comic relief in this grim dystopian YA.

By the way, I always pictured these actors as my Juliette, Adam and Warner.

Emily Browning as Juliette Ferrars

Daniel Brühl as Adam Kent (even though he’s wayyyyyy too old to play 17yo Adam)

Jamie Campbell Bower as Warner (though he’s too younger than Brühl)

The prose:

So lyric and poetic. I’m amazed at Ms. Mafi’s ability to weave prose so beautifully. 👏👏👏

And the beautiful emotional yet steamy way she describes each kissing scenes is never voyeuristic rather melts your heart, even when Warner the psycho kisses Juliette.

Overall, I’ll definitely try to finish this series. Right after this I’m gonna read Destroy Me (Shatter Me #1.5) which is from psycho Warner’s viewpoint, just to keep the events chronological.

If you ask, I’ll definitely recommend this series for a romanic dystopian YA.