My Review of Wings of Renewal: A Solarpunk Dragon Anthology edited by Brenda J. Pierson and Claudie Arseneault


This is the first short story anthology I’ve ever finished (and loved). This is also my first time reading anything literary about Solarpunk. Quite frankly, Solarpunk is such a new punk style that it still has a long way to go and lots of recognition to achieve. It’s a very cool punk, IMO, much cooler than steampunk or dieselpunk. The main aim of solarpunk is to cultivate nature and nurture, and sow the seeds of hope.

This anthology has got 22 short stories, each one more unique and quirkier and cooler than the other. Each story features solarpunk aspects and aesthetics, as well as dragons in some way.

Confession: I mostly picked up this anthology since my current novel has solarpunk setting and dragons in it. But though I picked it up for research and creative inspiration, I stuck to it only because the core of the anthology fascinated me. I loved every story, though my bias heart loves a few more than the rest. But I’d recommend this book 100% if you are looking for a fresh taste in SciFi and fantasy, and need to cleanse your palate from the grim-dark dystopian and nihilistic cyberpunk SciFi books.